Get the booster for your radiant smile - in just 2 hours with the Philips ZOOM!

Power bleaching up to 8 levels brighter teeth

Power bleaching

Our WhiteWeek makes it possible: From 22.11. to 29.11. you can save CHF 100 on your professional teeth whitening! Make your appointment now and pay only CHF 499 instead of CHF 599.

As a member of DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP you even pay only CHF 450. 

Power bleaching

3 reasons why right now is the right time for professional teeth whitening:


Get to know the PHILIPS ZOOM! Powerbleaching at a special price

From 22.11. to 29.11. you have the opportunity to get professional teeth whitening for only CHF 499 instead of CHF 599. No matter if you have already had a PHILIPS ZOOM! Powerbleaching or not, with this offer you have the perfect opportunity to convince yourself of the gentle method of teeth whitening. We and 4 million other customers already are.


With self-confidence into the new year

To ensure that 2022 is really successful for you, start the year with new self-confidence instead of good resolutions. 

Self-confident people do many things more easily and are happier.

With white teeth and a bright smile, you can immediately positively influence your self-confidence.


Treat yourself

Especially at the end of the year, we are often under stress and have to function. So we sometimes miss out and put ourselves at the back of the queue. But it's so easy to please yourself and others, with a beautiful smile, for example.

This is how Hüseyin glows after his PHILIPS ZOOM! Powerbleaching

Professional teeth whitening with PHILIPS ZOOM! is the right thing for you if you...

Up to 8 levels brighter, brilliant white teeth

... wishes you a bright white smile.

Bleaching removes even stubborn discoloration caused by tea, coffee, red wine or nicotine. The result is up to 8 levels brighter, brilliant white teeth that stay this beautiful for up to 2 years.

Particularly gentle and painless treatment method

... suffer from pain-sensitive teeth or fear of the dentist.

Our trained staff is specialized in the treatment of anxiety patients and takes a lot of time for you. The PHILIPS ZOOM! Powerbleaching is a particularly gentle and painless treatment method that also protects your tooth enamel.

Particularly gentle and painless treatment method
A beautiful bright smile is contagious.

... you want to influence yourself and your environment positively.

A beautiful, radiant smile is contagious. So if you want to make yourself and those around you happy, smile for all you're worth with your new white teeth. It's not surprising that people with beautiful teeth are statistically more successful in their choice of career and partner.

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Find out now how white teeth can positively influence you and your life.

If you want to see for yourself the PHILIPS ZOOM! Powerbleaching for yourself, then you can get it here
for CHF 499 instead of CHF 599
secure it.

As a member of DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP you even pay only CHF 450.


Enter your details in the form below so that we can contact you to arrange a suitable appointment for your PHILIPS ZOOM! Powerbleaching.


You come to our practice in Grenchen, where we then perform the gentle and careful bleaching treatment on site.


After only 2 hours the treatment is finished and you can make yourself and others happy with your new bright white smile. In comparison, home bleaching takes one to two weeks and must be performed twice a day for 15 to 30 minutes.

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