Beautiful and healthy teeth have never been so affordable
CHF 23.00 monthly
  • The best prophylaxis in just one appointment: Tooth cleaning, bite wing radiographs, periodontitis screening as well as fluoridation and sealants - all completely stress- and pain-free.
  • Other discounts - you will receive a 20% discount on other dental treatments and up to 25% discount on orthodontic treatments at our offices.
  • No contract commitment or preliminary examinations! DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP can be cancelled at any time with just one call. You can complete the model at any time, we do not perform any preliminary investigation.
  • Low deductible - You have supplementary dental insurance? Then we will cover up to 25% of your deductible.
1228 people are already on board. 1228 people who do 110% for their dental health and thus lay the foundation for a long and fulfilling life. 
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