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  • You will get the best dental cleaning and prophylaxis that will protect and maintain your overall oral health in the long run. 
  • DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP is a novel, clinically proven concept that offers you the best options for your dental hygiene. 
  • You will receiveindividual and personalized care. With us you are not just a number among the patients in the dental office.
Become part of the DOMDEY'S COMMUNITY and get the DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP for only CHF 16.00 per month. 


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Are you doing enough for your dental health?

That's why brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough

They brush their teeth twice a day, usually in the morning after getting up and in the evening before going to bed.
You've probably wondered if this routine is doing enough to maintain your oral hygiene and health.

The answer is: NO!

Unfortunately, you only brush superficially with your toothbrush, or to be precise, only three out of five sides of your teeth.
Your toothbrush can't reach everywhere, some areas are difficult or impossible to reach.
These include the spaces between the teeth or the gum pockets and it is precisely there that harmful food residues, such as sugar, collect after eating.

Plaque forms (you can recognize it as a pale yellow and sticky deposit on the tooth surface), this calcifies and becomes tartar. Tartar in turn promotes the formation of plaque.

Unpleasant bad breath, yellow discolored teeth, caries and hypersensitive teeth can be the result.
To prevent this from happening to you, we recommend that you come for professional dental cleaning (PZR) or prophylaxis at least twice a year.

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DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP - the best prophylaxis/ professional and sustainable dental care in just one appointment

110 % for your dental health

Professional teeth cleaning 

With this treatment we achieve optical whitening and smoothing of your tooth surfaces. At the same time, all stubborn stains are carefully cleaned, followed by a cleaning with a special mouth rinse will remove 99% of all bacteria present in the mouth. All the places that are difficult to reach when brushing your teeth are thus thoroughly cleaned. 

Bite wing shots 

These particularly gentle X-rays expose you to comparably little radiation and allow an accurate picture of the health of your teeth, gums, and upper and lower jaw bones. For early detection of diseases, fillings and bones are gently X-rayed so that you are spared pain and other subsequent problems.


Fluoridation strengthens and supplies your teeth with all important minerals. In addition, the treatment creates a whitening effect on your tooth surface.
Your tooth enamel becomes more robust and can no longer be attacked so easily by bacteria. Tooth damage due to caries is thus prevented and slowed down.
Your teeth will be less sensitive to contact with heat, cold, sugar or acid.

Periodontitis screening

Beautiful and healthy teeth into old age are possible. Serious disease progression of your teeth, which can lead to tooth loss, can namely be prevented with regular periodontitis screenings. A bacterial test can identify periodontitis bacteria that subsequently lead to disease in the gums or jawbone. Regular screenings are important because periodontitis is a silent disease and pain does not develop until the disease progresses.

Price for dental cleaning twice a year

Regular price

CHF 320.00


CHF 0.00

Sometimes a beautiful smile requires more

Sometimes your dental and oral health requires further treatments and interventions beyond prophylaxis. As a member of DOMDEY'S COMMUNITY, we care deeply about preserving your smile, so naturally we want to help you with our expertise when problems arise and not leave you on your own. For this reason, with the DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP you will receive a 20% discount on all other dental treatments in our practice. 

 20 % on other dental services

How is the health of your teeth really?

It is not uncommon for diseases of the mouth to go undetected, as they are often superficially not visible and are initially completely painless. This applies in particular to inflammations in the root of the tooth or in the jaw bone, also Periodontitis often arise unnoticed, but which can be serious consequences bring with them.

This is because inflammation in your mouth also keeps your immune system permanently occupied and can therefore also weaken it permanently.

If caries and periodontitis remain unnoticed for a long period of time, the bacteria spread throughout your body's organism .

If a cold then comes along, for example, the inflammation can become stronger and cause severe pain. At the same time, it demands much more from your body to fight the cold.

In fact, many diseases, including chronic and psychological ones, are due to undiagnosed conditions in the oral and maxillofacial region.

Overall, about 15% of all rare diseases are recognizable in the dental, oral and maxillofacial region and can thus provide conclusions about the underlying disease.

What you can do to prevent severe disease progression?
It's quite simple - go for check-up and prophylaxis at least twice a year. In addition, you should have the exact health status of your teeth recorded with appropriate X-rays.

Beautiful teeth show effect

A radiant smile is the booster for your success


Take off professionally and privately

People who are considered successful both professionally and personally have one thing in common: a bright smile.
A vital appearance and a well-groomed appearance radiate attractiveness and seriousness, which also has a positive effect on the search for a partner. People are often judged to be more intelligent, because for many, obvious dental health is related to a person's social status.


Vitality and zest for life

Healthy teeth improve your overall health. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that diseases of your teeth are related to heart disease and cancer. People with periodontitis are twice as likely to have heart disease and more likely to get cancer. At the same time, a healthy mouth strengthens your entire organism and has a positive effect on preventing diabetes, dementia and respiratory diseases.


A long life

Your own teeth in good condition lay the foundation for a long life. Studies show that people aged 85 who still have more than 20 of their own teeth live longer than people who rely on dentures. With a complete set of teeth, it is easier to eat, so food can be absorbed much better and the body can be supplied with all the important nutrients. A healthy mouth also strengthens the immune system and thus has a positive effect on maintaining your health.

Positive charisma

To be able to show a bright smile at any time is a wonderful feeling. We all strive to please visually and beautiful teeth are definitely part of it.
With more charisma and more self-confidence, you automatically appear likeable and your environment feels comfortable.


Beautiful teeth at any age 

Beautiful teeth at any age 



Already in childhood we lay the foundation for beautiful teeth that last a lifetime.
Therefore, it is especially important to us at DOMDEY'S SMILE to associate the visit to the dentist with something positive for children. The kids are treated with particular sensitivity and understanding, and we only use examination and treatment methods that are specially tailored to children.
Our goal is to make a twice-yearly appointment for prophylaxis routine and therefore want to help parents show children how important it is to go to the dentist regularly.

For teenager

Especially during puberty and adolescence, an extreme amount of importance is placed on external appearance. Teenagers get to know themselves and want to express their character through their appearance. At the same time, teenagers test out many things, especially things that can harm the teeth, such as sugary drinks or smoking.

And that leaves little time for regular visits to the dentist between the school day or studies and free time. This is exactly why we offer extra long opening hours to all those who have a DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP and give you the opportunity to get an appointment even on weekends.


For him and her 

We want to treat you according to your wishes and ideas and therefore advise you at eye level. With DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP we can provide you with healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifetime. It is close to our heart to support you with good dental care and oral hygiene measures. After all, beautiful teeth are an expression of vitality, discipline and high self-esteem. 

Who is behind the DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP concept?

As a dentist, Benjamin Domdey hasmade his passion his profession. This is also reflected in the atmosphere in the practice.

With a lot of heart, patients are received by the friendly staff and cared for both personally and professionally.

Benjamin Domdey successfully completed his studies in dentistry in 2002. Today, he shares his acquired knowledge as a school dentist in Grenchen.

Out of love for the homeland, DOMDEY'S SMILE supports local stores, companies and traders. We use only regional and organic products whenever possible. We promote this attitude among our employees and customers as well.

Frequently asked questions:

Where is the practice I can go to with DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP?
Our practice in Grenchen specializes in dental cleaning. If you invest in your health now, we will welcome you soon in Grenchen.
Is there a period of notice?
No, there is no cancellation period. You can cancel DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP at any time, just call our office. 
Can I get DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP despite pre-existing conditions?
When you take out the DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP, we do not ask you about your health status. You can therefore take out the DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP even if you have pre-existing conditions.
On which dental treatments do I get a discount?
You get a 20% discount on fillings, crowns and root canal treatments, periodontology services, as well as bleaching, splints and sports protection.
To find out exactly what services are included, please contact our practice team.
Do I also get a discount on orthodontic treatments?
With DOMDEY'S MEMBERSHIP you can also get orthodontic treatments and braces up to 25% cheaper. To find out which services are included, please contact our practice team.
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