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Healthy, radiant teeth and a carefree laugh

These are probably the most beautiful accessories that your face can have. It is an indication of self-confidence, directly gives a sympathetic impression and other people feel comfortable around you. Overall, beautiful teeth have an influence on many areas in life, so - according to studies - people with beautiful, straight white teeth are more successful in the choice of a partner and in the profession.

In short, beautiful teeth have a positive effect on you and your environment, thus laying the foundation for a long and fulfilling life.

We think everyone has the right to a magical smile.

Dental instruments


DOMDEY'S SMILE is your contact point for dentistry and orthodontics in the canton of Solothurn.

We adapt to the needs of our customers and not vice versa. In our practice in Grenchen, we are also there for you after hours with orthodontic and dental treatments. Thanks to the long opening hours, you have more flexibility in scheduling appointments.

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 07:00 - 20:00
Sa 08:00 - 13:00

Arrival by car

Kirchstrasse 3
CH-2540 Grenchen
* Parking spaces are available in the Postmarkt parking lot.

Arrival by public transport

Bus nos: 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 34, 38 stop Grenchen-Postplatz or by train Grenchen Nordbahnhof


Your advantages as a member of DOMDEY'S COMMUNITY

We want to enable everyone to have healthy, radiant teeth. We can do that best if you visit us regularly at our practice in Grenchen. It's cheaper than you might expect, with no hidden costs at all.
With our subscription model, which is unique in Switzerland, we cover all preventive, dental treatments in just one appointment every six months. Different tariff structures allow the whole family to benefit from our concept at a reasonable price.

As a DOMDEY MEMBERSHIP member, you become part of our community and receive the following benefits every six months:

Step 1

Preliminary talk

Your satisfaction and health are our top priority at DOMDEY'S SMILE. We would like to meet your wishes and ideas. In order to be able to understand them, we will conduct a preliminary consultation with you. Please also fill out the medical history form, which will be handed out to you in the practice, conscientiously.

Step 2

Bite wing shots

In order to determine the exact condition of your teeth, the gums and the bone of
the upper jaw and the lower jaw, we digitally take so-called
bite wing images of each half of your face. This allows us to gently examine your teeth, fillings
and bones and see whether everything is in order.

Step 3

Periodontitis screening

In order to detect diseases such as periodontitis, a painful inflammation of the periodontium, at an early stage and to be able to treat them accordingly, we carry out the so-called periodontitis screening with you.

Step 4

Removal of stubborn dirt

Ultrasonic treatment with the EMS Airflow is completely painless and effectively removes tartar and plaque. The PIEZON® NO PAIN ultrasonic treatment as well as the AIRFLOW® powder jet device from the Swiss company EMS work very gently and pleasantly. Stubborn discolorations from tea, coffee, red wine or nicotine, can be effortlessly removed with it

Step 5

Disinfecting rinse

In order to kill harmful bacteria that may be in your gum pockets or in the space of the oral cavity and thus prevent subsequent complaints, your mouth is rinsed with a special mouth disinfectant. This treatment method is done without surgical influence and is completely painless.

Step 6

Polishing of the tooth surface

During polishing, the tooth surface is smoothed and refined. This step is part of professional prophylaxis treatment and has a whitening effect of the tooth surface.

Step 7

Deep fluoridation

Protecting your teeth should be treated with the same importance as cleaning. Deep fluoridation forms a protective film on the tooth surface and withstands acid attacks during
around 3 - 6 months. The enamel becomes more resistant.
Bacteria can no longer destroy it so easily.

Step 8

Dental checkup and subsequent appointment

After the assessment of your teeth and oral cavity, as well as the examination of each tooth, oral mucosa, tongue, temporomandibular joints and masticatory muscles, we will already arrange the follow-up appointment with you within the next 6 months.

With this concept, which has been worked out in detail and clinically proven for many years, your teeth receive very good prophylaxis, i.e. very good preventive measures for your dental health and also your general health, because healthy starts in the mouth. If your teeth and gums are healthy, it strengthens your immune system and improves your overall health for a happy and long life.

For individuals

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For couples

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For the whole family

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For comparison, we have listed here for you some of the regular costs from preventive dentistry


Dental cleaning (prophylaxis every 6 months)
CHF 0.00

CHF 0.00

Examination of tooth position
CHF 0.00

Regular price

Dental cleaning (prophylaxis every 6 months)
CHF 360.00

CHF 200.00

Examination of tooth position
CHF 125.00

As a Membership customer, you benefit from additional discounted services:


Fixed braces
CHF 5000.00


CHF 1600.00

Power bleaching
CHF 450.00

Regular price

Fixed braces

CHF 8000.00

CHF 2000.00

Power bleaching
CHF 600.00

*Even if you already have a problem, you can cancel the subscription model at any time without any surcharge. You no longer need the subscription model for personal reasons? That's no problem, you can cancel at short notice - one call is all it takes.

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Our services

Your mouth deserves the best. We live up to this standard at DOMDEY'S SM ILES with individually tailored services. We tailor our treatment methods to your needs, offering different options for him and her, teenagers and children, after all, baby teeth have different needs than the teeth of an adult or teenager. Get a first impression of our comprehensive range of services for yourself.

Classical dentistry

Classical dentistry

Classical dentistry is still our hobbyhorse. We intensively care for the health and function of your teeth and oral cavity. Our range of services includes all basic treatments such as root canal treatment, tooth fillings or tartar removal, which we perform particularly gently using the latest technologies and treatment methods. We attach great importance to considering your teeth and your oral cavity not as an isolated area of your body, but holistically. Freely according to our motto: Healthy begins in the mouth.

Prosthodontics and dentures - gapless perfection

PRothetics and dentures - Gapless perfection

The completeness of the jaw is crucial for your speech, laughter and the shaping of your facial features. If several teeth or even all teeth in the jaw are missing, this often leads to restrictions for the affected persons. A smile can only cross the lips with an effort, and it is not uncommon for the entire facial expression to suffer. We restore the natural function and aesthetics of your teeth. In the case of single tooth gaps, we work with implant crowns or bridges to replace missing teeth. We place particular emphasis on natural-looking dentures of the highest quality and biocompatibility. As far as possible, we do not use metals in the mouth. Our dentures are practically indistinguishable from natural teeth. We work only with the best laboratories, the highest quality materials and use only implants from leading manufacturers. In return, we give you a 10-year guarantee on our dental prostheses in accordance with our guarantee conditions.
In the case of single tooth gaps, we work with implants in order to replace missing teeth and avoid having to grind down healthy teeth. We place particular emphasis on a natural-looking implant that is indistinguishable from your own teeth.
With veneers, we offer you a way to recreate individual teeth or rows of teeth with perfect aesthetics, should you find a tooth shape or discoloration unsightly. Thanks to the so-called Non Prep technology, veneers can be applied particularly gently and
painlessly, without prior grinding of the teeth, in no time at all.

Prosthodontics and dentures - gapless perfection
Teeth straightening/ Straight teeth for the perfect smile

DENTAL CORRECTION - STRAIGHT TEETH FOR your most beautiful smile

Depending on the patient and the findings, we at DOMDEY'S SMILE use various methods to correct malocclusions.
Our treatment concept with fixed braces is specially developed and has proven itself clinically
. The duration of treatment with this method is shortened and we manage completely without pulling teeth!
Invisible braces, e.g. Invisalign, are literally on everyone's lips. At DOMDEY'S SMILE you can get both removable, invisible braces for correcting your teeth and a treatment concept with removable and fixed braces, which was specially developed at DOMDEY'S SMILE and has been clinically proven for many years, which makes tooth extractions unnecessary. This procedure for correcting malocclusions in the jaw is considered a particularly gentle and safe method.


Oral surgery - A healthy mouth

Oral surgery - A healthy mouth

Your mouth has a complicated and extremely complex anatomical structure. Complaints can therefore lead to massive health impairments. We have the expertise to perform surgical procedures in the field of oral surgery. These include wisdom tooth removal, lip and tongue frenulum correction, difficult tooth removals, exposure of teeth, and surgical treatment of oral and maxillary sinus disorders. To make the procedures as comfortable as possible for you, we use various methods of anesthesia and pain relief.

Oral surgery - A healthy mouth
No fear of the dentist

No fear of the dentist

Your jaw is very sensitive to pain, so we can well understand when patients come to us for the first time with an uncomfortable feeling. We want to take away your fear of dental visits and gain your trust. That is why we take extra time for fear patients and offer especially gentle treatment methods, such as with nitrous oxide. You can have various treatments performed under general anesthesia and are thus absolutely pain-free during this time. Regular visits to the dentist also alleviate your fear of treatments: You automatically build up trust with our doctors and the practice team. Diseases can be detected early and treated accordingly. A severe and painful course of disease can thus be prevented.

CMD treatment - therapy of temporomandibular joint disorders

CMD treatment - therapy of temporomandibular joint disorders

Symptoms such as: Teeth grinding or acute and chronic pain in the head and neck area are often a sign of a CMD disorder.
In order for your muscles to relax again and your pain to reduce at the same time, we perform a so-called functional diagnosis to gain further insight and certainty. We examine the movements and displacements of the upper and lower jaw and determine the right therapy measure based on the results. If necessary, we work closely with specialists from the fields of physiotherapy, orthopedics, alternative medicine, osteopathy, speech therapy, optometry and general medicine.


CMD treatment - therapy of temporomandibular joint disorders
No fear of the dentist

A healthy mouth begins in childhood

Baby teeth also need protection and care

Already in childhood we lay the foundation for beautiful and healthy teeth for a lifetime. This begins with the care of the milk teeth. If a milk tooth is affected by caries, the caries-causing bacteria can pass on to the permanent teeth. 

Therefore, it is especially important to us at DOMDEY'S SMILE to make the visit to the dentist positive for children, so that they always enjoy coming back to our practice. Kids are treated with particular sensitivity and understanding, and we only use examination and treatment methods that are specially tailored to children.

Our goal is to make a twice-yearly prophylaxis appointment routine and therefore we would like to support you as responsible parents in showing your children how important it is to visit the dentist regularly.

Mr. Domdey is very nice

Mr. Domdey is very nice to and he is very funny. You don't have to be afraid of the dentist. Once he even blow-dried our hair with the vacuum.

That was cool.

Cristina and Jovana Radojevic

Already feel almost at home

Thanks to the kind and courteous treatment of patients in Mr. Domdey's practice, I almost feel at home there. I especially appreciate the good and understandable consultation before each procedure.

Elisabeth Frei


As the owner of a cosmetic studio, my smile is important to me. I can entrust the care and prevention of my teeth to Mr. Domdey's team with a clear conscience.

Zekiya Blum


The familiar atmosphere in Mr. Domdey's practice is very important to me; but also the honest advice and
exact, professional work of the entire team.

Daniele Urso

We take good care of your teeth 

These reasons speak for themselves

Years experience

Satisfied customers

Sold dental plans

Family business with heart and soul

At DOMDEY'S SMILE the whole family is involved in the practice. 

Benjamin Domdey is their dentist for beautiful and straight teeth, wife Beata takes care of the practice management and thus for the well-being of everyone in the practice. Daughter Julchen turns the practice upside down after school and keeps everyone in a good mood.

Certifications and specializations

The doctors in our practice team have different areas of expertise in the respective specialties of dentistry and orthodontics. At DOMDEY'S SMILE you will find everything under one roof. This saves you a lot of time and money.

Dr.h.c. Benjamin Domdey Dentist   

Benjamin Domdey

Dr. h.c. med. dent. Progress University


Aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics.
Studied dentistry
at the University in Aachen, 2002 exam and permanent training in the field of aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics, Master Provider 2018.

German English

Dr.Giorgos Papoutsis Oral Surgery


Oral Surgery, Implantology and Orthodontics
Dr. Med. Dent. Giorgos Papoutsis, DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery), University of Athens and
University of Bern, MSc Oral Surgery and Implantology


LDr. Mohammed Rifi

Dr. Mohammed Rifi

Qualified dentist
Graduated as dentist 2020 Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.


Dr.Amilia Abassi Dentist

Dr.Amilia Abassi

Graduated as a dentist in 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic.


Lijridona Memeti Dental Hygiene

Lijridona Memeti

Prophylaxis Assistant


Resmie Demiri Practice Manager

Resmie Demiri

Practice Manager
Dipl. Praxismanagerin SDC, graduation 2020

German English AlbanianSwiss

Joara Salvitti Receptionist

Joara Salvitti



Elvizja Morina Assistance

Elvizja Morina

Dental Assistant

German EnglishSerbianSwiss

Tamara Hunziker



Skurte Paloshi assistance and sterilization

Skurte Palloshi

Dental Assistant



Dental Assistant


Luisa Rosanna Breynik

Prophylaxis Assistant


Lizandra Fetai

Dental Assistant


Christine Sikalo

Dental hygienist


Arlinda Ismaili

Dental Assistant


Training and professional events

Training and professional events

All employees regularly take part in team coaching sessions with Dr. Woitzik. In this way, we want to strengthen the togetherness in our practices. A living sense of togetherness is very important to us: It is also very important to us to be an attractive employer. This is one of the reasons why we are always present at trade fairs and attend information events for young professionals, where we present our company

We take advantage of various opportunities for continuing education: every dentist at
DOMDEY'S SMILE undergoes continuing education for at least 80 hours per year. - You can
be sure that we provide you with an absolute team of experts with profound professional knowledge.

The latest equipment and treatment methods

The latest equipment and treatment methods 

Our top priority is to treat you according to the latest medical standards. To meet your requirements, state-of-the-art techniques and the use of the best materials are our quality standard. For example, we also offer Philips Zoom power bleaching, which allows up to 8 shades of color to be lightened in just one treatment. In almost hopeless endodontic cases, we use depothoresis as an alternative to root canal treatment. We use the tucker technique to produce gold cast fillings with an extremely long service life. 

The latest equipment and treatment methods
White and bright teeth

White and bright teeth

In addition to the common recall system in the course of dental hygiene, where you attend an appointment for professional teeth cleaning twice a year, we also offer you the options of power bleaching and home bleaching. Power bleaching is performed with Philips Zoom technology and guarantees you safe and effective whitening, even of severe discoloration. In the case of home bleaching, you perform the bleaching independently at home under our control using laboratory-made trays.

DOMDEY'S SMILE at the ravages of time

DOMDEY'S SMILE at the ravages of time

The sustainable use of our resources is extremely important to us. For this reason, all processes in our practices are digitalized to the greatest possible extent. Among other things, at DOMDEY'S SMILE you will receive an electronic patient file, digital X-rays, invoicing and correspondence by e-mail wherever possible. This allows us to reduce paper consumption to a minimum and makes various processes easier for you and for us.

DOMDEY'S SMILE at the ravages of time
We are the three Domdeys

The practice Domdey

As dentist, Benjamin Domdey has has turned his passion into his profession. This is also reflected in the atmosphere in the practice.

With a lot of heart, patients are received by the friendly staff and cared for both personally and professionally. 

Benjamin Domdey successfully completed his studies in dentistry in 2002. Today, he shares his acquired knowledge as a school dentist in Grenchen.

For the love of home supported DOMDEY'S SMILE local stores, companies and traders. We use only regional and organic products whenever possible. This attitude benefits both our employees and customers.

What our patients say

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Car painter

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